Back Yard Criteria


Shooting for SILVER level certification with the Backyard Habitat Certification Program


Top Row: Untouched Backyard with Visitors. Bottom Row: 11 weeks later after some invasive removal.

We got the site report for our property and learned there was actually 23,222 sq. ft of plantable area.

Some native plants identified during the assessment: Oso Berry, Oregon grape, Sword Ferns, Big Leaf Maple and Douglas fir.

Silver Level Certification Objectives require removal of Himalayan and Evergreen blackberry, all Ivy and Spurge Laurel from the entire property.



For this program there are actually five vegetation layers (diagram missing shrub layers, small and medium).


4/5 of the vegetation layer criteria is met and 5% of the plantable area must be native plants.

No pesticides of any kind are used on our property.

Wildlife Stewardship is achieved already by having dead wood onsite, reduced outdoor lighting during migration and by having pollinator and beneficial insect nesting habitats present(small brush/rock piles, bundles of branches and stems). We are at the PLATINUM level here.

The Storm Water Management objectives for Silver level are already met by leaving leaves and fallen debris to restore soil, we have several large canopy trees on the property and we will adopt eco friendly maintenance practices as we proceed restoring.  We’ve reached PLATINUM in this area as well.

The majority of the work in our yard will be removing and maintaining an invasive free area, increasing the number of natives mostly in the ground vegetation layer and to fill in plantable area left by ivy and blackberry.

Time to write a wish list and mentally divide the property into manageable areas to work  one at a time.  This will benefit wildlife and plants that already live here by not disrupting large areas at once.




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