Ivy Diary: Front

Hedera Helix.


This stuff was EVERYWHERE! We still haven’t removed most of the pulled ivy vines from the property.  This plant invades woodland areas and aggressively displaces native vegetation.  The ground was completely covered in ivy and blackberry vines, even trying to smother out some excellently sized Sword Ferns we were keeping.   Most of the trees were surrounded and their canopies were becoming overtaken.  Aerial rootlets have made this hard to remove still, getting nutrients from moss deposits on the larger tress.



We started with the front yard because it was a small area and it was something we could achieve over the weekend.  You can see in the picture above, the front garden fence has ivy climbing from the ground cover below, the stone wall on the left was completely covered by ivy when I started and is where we found a few old birdhouses hiding under the bush (I saved them, I don’t know why).


We didn’t have ANY yard tools when we began this project, not even a rake.  We cleared the front yard of English Ivy with only hand pruners and a few pairs of gardening gloves.  Over two days we completely filled our large compost container that is taken weekly by our trash service.  We’ve had to go over our work a few times this year because of the Ivy growing with/under the raspberry ground cover in some parts but the front is basically IVY free in 2017, we will just have to keep checking the area and eventually replace the ground cover with something native and that doesn’t grow as aggressively as raspberry.

James pulling ivy root systems from behind Hydrangea Bush.





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