Yard Goals


We spent most of last year observing each season and what kinds of plants and wildlife were present/absent.  Now that we have a basic idea what kind of plants are already here we can plan on removing/replacing the ones that don’t belong.  Time to begin plotting out details for zones we began last spring and work towards completing them by Fall 2017

We can keep pulling back the invasive ivy cover outside of the backyard fence and give that area some time to breathe (see whats dormant in that soil in the following seasons) while we work inside and close to the fence and front yard.  About 85% of the area inside the fence (J) is free of invasive plants, however there are huge piles on cemented parts of the yard where we were allowing vines to die completely/dry out before removing them.  There are also a lot of vines creeping in from the fence line so we need to maintain and fine comb the area removing ivy and blackberry thats come back using hand tools


A few of my VERY FIRST tools; loppers, handsaws and a hand spade are great for ivy removal.

Section E, the flower bed in the back yard was a jungle, there was just SO much going on in that soil, tons of crazy root systems and plants we couldn’t identify. I covered this area  with a dark tarp and weighed it down.  This will cut off oxygen and sunlight to whatever the hell is in there, I’ll check this spring to see what I can remove by hand and cover it up again.  Maybe in a year or more we can amend the soil and grow some roses or veggies in the raised bed.


There is more yard on the other side of the garbage storage that needs invasive plant removal and some rose bush maintenance.


Next year I want to:

Install nest boxes.

To preserve and enhance terrain transitions with stone and gravel, creating paths.

Create a hedgerow to block view of highway in section M.

Bring in stone and mulch to frame established trees, shrubs and ferns.

Stake trees.

Determine soil PH in section C and J.

Record a sun map.

Create Mason Bee housing in far corner of section J.

Plant tall grasses and shrub to protect Mason Bee and bug housing from pets.

Bring in gravel for front yard in front of section A & B.

Check out our Yard Goals Post

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