Leaving on a jet plane

We are starting to countdown the days until our trip to Denmark and The Netherlands.  James and I are chronic over packers.  Once I even brought my own Thera-flu to Tokyo and I wasn’t even sick  – like at all.  I always feel a little sad for the items of clothing that come home having never been worn.  Clothes that sparked joy when we were packing and somehow the sartorial intentions we had for them are lost.

My comfort zone has been packing the about the same number of outfits as days away from home, re-wearing jeans and always bringing too many dress clothes.  Airbnbs that we have stayed at have almost ALWAYS had laundry appliances available for use.  During past trips instead of wearing all of the things that we packed, we end up washing our favorite items and wearing them again.

I am going to try and master a capsule wardrobe this time, a minimal amount of clothing items that are classic, neutral and versatile but still express my style comfortably.  No more over packing or weighing our self down with ‘just in case’ items.  I will be bringing a few extra casual bags but they nest and are interchangeable depending on the activity and will take up a minimal amount of space in the suitcase.



Neutral shades like nude/tan, cream/white, navy/black are ideal for capsule wardrobes, which is great because already my essential clothing items fit with in these color schemes.  I am choosing items that layer well, are the right fabrics for the climate we’re visiting and mostly solid.

I’ll let you guys know what I’ve come up with.

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