Plant Gang

Dining Room Plant Gang (Marantha is new).  Jade cuttings are so healthy and living in really gorgeous Japanese teacups that I will some day drink out of again.
Sansevieria, this guy has been with us for about a year and had a growth spurt this summer.  Going to store him in this room that is consistently low light.
One of the newest additions!  Her leaves were losing color from being directly in the sun.  We moved this Marantha to the dining room where it is gray but bright.  This plant loves humidity so I give it a few mists through out the week.
I love the way this Jade cutting looks in this thrifted teapot!  I couldn’t walk away from those sweet hand-painted flowers even though it had no lid!  The cutting will be the perfect size for this container soon and is enjoying indirect sunlight from all angles in our kitchen.
New Rubber Plant (10/15/17)

More plant pics soon, I promise.

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