We are Jill and James.


This websites original purpose was to record our progress as we restored our homes yard according to the criteria of The Backyard Habitat Certification Program created by Audubon Society of Portland and Columbia Land Trust.  Nestled in the quiet SW Hills of Portland, Oregon our home backs into Forest Park one of the country’s largest urban forest reserves.  We don’t just have a yard, we have an unkept forest of our very own and we still have the excitement and convenience of the bustling West side and Downtown area.  Cascadian living at it’s very best.

Backyard before invasive plant removal in top photos, and ten weeks later below.

Portland has such a vibrant food culture, the natural gifts of the Pacific Northwest inspire us and some of the best restaurants, small batch distillers, artisanal producers and brewers in the world.  We hope to share some of our adventures with food , our progress with our yard restoration, photos &  journaling with you, our family, friends and who ever else would like to follow along.Thanks for visiting.

Ned & Atom. (other family members)

Check out my Etsy shop for cool collectibles hand picked in the Pacific Northwest.



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