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Vintage Cannabis Grow Book

Check out this cool vintage find I brought home from a recent visit to Vancouver BC. One of Bill Drake's seminal works on growing marijuana The Cultivator's Handbook of Marijuana  was self published in paperback / zine format in 1970 (this is a first edition).  Definitely has an aura of authenticity and "can do" spirit that marked ...

Plant Gang

More plant pics soon, I promise. See my other plant post

Indoor Plant Babies #1

For the first time maybe EVER I know that I can keep plants alive.  I have succulents and cacti that I've had for over two years.  I can't stop buying plants and now that we're moving into fall I'm hoping these new guys survive. Here are some pictures of the new guys and  a few ...

Yard Goals

We spent most of last year observing each season and what kinds of plants and wildlife were present/absent.  Now that we have a basic idea what kind of plants are already here we can plan on removing/replacing the ones that don't belong.  Time to begin plotting out details for zones we began last spring and work ...

Ivy Diary: Front

Hedera Helix.   This stuff was EVERYWHERE! We still haven't removed most of the pulled ivy vines from the property.  This plant invades woodland areas and aggressively displaces native vegetation.  The ground was completely covered in ivy and blackberry vines, even trying to smother out some excellently sized Sword Ferns we were keeping.   Most of ...

Back Yard Criteria

Shooting for SILVER level certification with the Backyard Habitat Certification Program We got the site report for our property and learned there was actually 23,222 sq. ft of plantable area. Some native plants identified during the assessment: Oso Berry, Oregon grape, Sword Ferns, Big Leaf Maple and Douglas fir. Silver Level Certification Objectives require removal of ...

Front yard : First Glance

First Photos of the front yard. Magnolia and Stone Wall Watercolor Study