Black & White #1

Pencil Illustrations from Vintage book, 'The Medicine Hat Stallion' published in 1972.

Black & Blue #2

Vintage Illustrations

Black & Blue #1

Images from Vintage Astronomy book for young adults, 1954.

Indoor Plant Babies #1

For the first time maybe EVER I know that I can keep plants alive.  I have succulents and cacti that I've had for over two years.  I can't stop buying plants and now that we're moving into fall I'm hoping these new guys survive. Here are some pictures of the new guys and  a few ...

Secret Chapel

Earlier this year we went to Amsterdam for a few nights and stayed in a hidden chapel.  Built in 1751, this unique air bnb was converted from a secret church into a romantic hideaway. I hope you enjoy the photos.

Vintage Children’s Books

How Vintage Children's Books inspired me to start selling vintage.

Mexico City 2017

A condensed collection of photos from my three day trip to Mexico City.  Luchadores, open air markets, Cathedrals, Frida Kahlo Home, Anthropological Museum and a visit to top restaurant Pujol - we were very busy!  


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