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How did this happen?  It’s already the end of February and I’ve neglected the blog, AGAIN!  Once I went ten months without posting, I am embarrassed at the amount of content on here after having the site for over TWO whole years.   2018 I’m going to ramp up my posts with awesome photos and content.  Hopefully I’ll work out better placement and flow for the menus so you can navigate easily between categories and posts.


Atom turned 1 this year!

I will be updating  our Backyard Habitat Certification progress and discuss our indoor plant family and take you with me on my new small business journey!

But first can we talk about Vegan restaurant Farm Spirit, here in PDX.


Beet Tartare


Celery Stew

In SE Portland, this place had chefs counter seating only and rapid fire small bites with excellent pairings.  Super creative and delicious guilt free dinner that totally inspired a farmers market splurge the next day.


When you are so excited to buy farm fresh goods that you forget to brush your hair.