Urban Dictionary is Obscene

Finding offensive material on Urban Dictionary is easy. This web site crowd sources definitions for slang terms and allows users to redefine common words, names and events in popular culture. In some ways, this site encourages communication and understanding between generations by providing the context and nuances of terms that would normally only belong to/be … Continue reading Urban Dictionary is Obscene

Vintage Dog Illustrations

For thousands of years already the dog has been the faithful companion of man. Dogs were held in such high esteem in Ancient Egypt that tens of millions were mummified alongside their owners. One of my favorite things about collecting old books are the vintage style illustrations. If you love dogs, or love drawing dogs … Continue reading Vintage Dog Illustrations

Golden Guides

The Golden Guides, originally Golden Nature Guides, were a series of 160-page, pocket-sized books created by Western Publishing and published under their "Golden Press" line (primarily a children's book imprint) starting in 1949.  These books were written by experts in their field and illustrated in a simple straightforward style. Intended for primary and secondary school level … Continue reading Golden Guides

BH Earth Day Pledge

We are committed to responsibly sourcing vintage goods and delivering them to you in great condition. Second hand shopping is sustainable shopping. Purchasing and Re purposing vintage is a great way to express yourself with unique finds while reducing your carbon foot print. As an Earth Day Commitment, Blackwell Habitat will no longer sell items … Continue reading BH Earth Day Pledge