Palo Santo

Learn about and purchase Palo Santo Holy Wood.

Disney Tokyo

Photos from a solo trip to Tokyo Disney parks in Chiba Prefecture.

Mexico City

Photos from our most recent visit to Mexico City.


Recipes for Bitterballen.


How did this happen?  It's already the end of February and I've neglected the blog, AGAIN!  Once I went ten months without posting, I am embarrassed at the amount of content on here after having the site for over TWO whole years.   2018 I'm going to ramp up my posts with awesome photos and ...

Plant Gang

More plant pics soon, I promise. See my other plant post

Snout to tail

We took a butchery class. Recipes for Pork Butt, Belly and tenderloin after a few gruesome photos. Apologies to vegetarian/vegan friends. Portland Culinary workshop in North Portland has hands on culinary classes.  Very knowledgeable and qualified teacher/chef instructs on a variety of subjects.  Our class size was only three people. I felt really comfortable with ...


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