Mexico City –

Collection of photos from a three day trip to Mexico City in 2017.  Luchadores, Mercados, Cathedrals, Casa Azul , Anthropological Museums and a visit to top restaurant Pujol – we were very busy!


IMG_5154.jpgIMG_5159.jpgIMG_5163.jpgIMG_5170.jpgIMG_5181.jpgIMG_5189 2.jpgIMG_5267.jpgIMG_5279.jpgIMG_5333.jpgIMG_5452.jpgIMG_5434.jpgIMG_5644.jpgIMG_5725.jpgIMG_5662.jpgIMG_5712.jpgIMG_5746.jpgIMG_5789.jpgIMG_5854.jpgIMG_5811.jpgIMG_5841.jpgIMG_5984.jpg



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